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Enrollment for Fall Open Now

New to Abbey Art Works? A beginner? Just need the supportive nudge of experienced instruction?

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Classical Instruction in Drawing and Painting

We can now offer Day and Night classes in Drawing and Painting.
 Open Studio for all students, 
5 Day Intensive Sessions for out of town students,
Day or Night Private Sessions.
Portrait Class

Students make their own schedules by calling

Or by 

We will email you our current calendar and work with you to find the class and time best for you.

What's new in the coop?

The  Studio Facility
The Abbey's renovated farm building is now an  rustic retreat with  north light, tall, exposed rafter ceiling, new built-in work stations, central air and heat, excellent studio lighting for night classes, custom built  personal storage lockers for students, studio easels, tables, personal still life stands, individual drawing stations with personal still life , grid, and lighting, and a selection of plaster casts for beginners.
Easy access to the building, more than ample parking and no stairs to climb make the facility convenient for all. 
The chicken coop is very near the Abbey's 40 room retreat house, where bed and board will be available for students at specially planned week-end or week-long workshops and plein air events.
The beautiful grounds of the monastery, the Abbey Church bells ringing the hours, and the famous Benedictine welcome all contrive to give the student the perfect place to learn. 

The Atelier Program
The teaching program is based on a unique method, "Leonardo's Legacy: Painting, Science, and the Life of the Soul", where Da Vinci's own words, seen through modern science's knowledge of visual perception, has shown that we all have the tools to draw and paint successfully. Students learn the importance of mindful preparation for the learning experience, the nature of the creative model, the path to 'the flow', and how the mind teaches us to paint.
 Color Theory is no mystery here, where students learn the fascinating history of the artist's use of pigments and mixing and using color is easy through the introduction of our exclusive  AAW Teaching Palettes and the Munsell Color Sphere.
Students work on painting projects which progressively teach the AAW Method of understanding the process of painting.
While in session, the studio atmosphere is likened to that of a library. The contemplative space of students is respected.

The Gallery
Before and after class students have the full use of this room adjacent to the studio. This cedar plank paneled room
with gallery track lighting for student and visiting artist exhibits is also an art library and gathering place for coffee, and snacks.
Available Only at Abbey Art Works

Abbey Art works introduces fine art instruction designed by AAW Artist in Residence, Lyn Taylor, which uniquely combines the traditional Atelier System with the results of decades of research in the study of painting, of professional studio practice, scientific investigation in current neuroscience and experimentation with provable, repeatable results.

The result is a teaching program that opens the world of painting to all, that proves its effectiveness with the most recent neuroscience, and shows how the contemplative nature of painting is simply good for the soul. 

To Sign Up

Students make their own schedules by calling 985-789-6889
 We will email you our current calendar and work with you to find the
 class and time best for you.

Abbey Art works specializes in working with the Beginning Student.


Student Highlights

STUDENT First Quarter Beginner 

 Photo of still life (above) and
 student painting (below)
 Learning to see and draw towards classical realism. Peg S. 

Portrait Class

Join The Portrait Society of America
"Dedicated to the Art of the Portrait"

by PSA Louisiana Ambassador, Lyn Taylor

In keeping with the goal of the Portrait Society to promote the art of the portrait, AAW will offer instruction in portraiture in charcoal, pencil, and oil painting. 

Interested Students please call 985-789-6889 or email lyntaylor@paintpaletteandbrush.com


From Abstraction to realism in original work.
 Earlyn J.
December 2015
Above: Photo record of the work in progress,
Below:Instructor's Notes on student's understanding of the process.


Abbey Art Works is dedicated to the idea that art can be taught.


Abbey Art Works offers training in the Leonardo's Legacy Technique© to teachers as well as students. 

New Paintings by Lyn Hill Taylor, AAW Instructor


Expanding Possibilities

This demonstration slide presentation shows that a painting is never finished because art is an organic entity. AAW instructor is shown working on a painting of France.

 After getting to what seemed like the end, she was not happy with it. (It tries too hard to be pretty; tries too hard to 'do' the only available photo).

 Follow along to see why and what future life the image may have. Updates and explanation will appear frequently. First possibility: crop the image and compose new possible painting compositions.

 For Our Out of Town Students

Private 5-Day Sessions available Now with Lyn Taylor

5 Days back to back; 3 hours a day; morning or afternoon; 16 hours including extra final 1 Hour Wrap Up Session. Fee $560

Some study Choices: 

 #1 AAW's  Shocking Truth About Color Theory and Revolutionary Teaching Palette Workshop (5 day ) 

#2 AAW's  Leonardo's Legacy: Painting, Science, and the Life of the Soul Part 1  (5 day) 

#3 AAW's  Leonardo's Legacy: Part 2 ( day)

Note: Add $100 to have sessions videotaped for your future study.
Ask for a discount if you are a senior citizen or if you enroll for more than one session at a time.
Call for complete information 985-789-6889 or go to Contact Page here.  
All student work is completely original and show unique styles and interests.
We are proud to work towards competence, confidence, and enjoyment for all students.

Students make their own schedules by calling 985-789-6889.
 We will email you our current calendar and work with you to find the class and time best for you.

Student Work


Artist Lyn Taylor Leads Southern Hotel's
First art workshop- Times-Picayune
Times-Picayune June 26, 2015
Sarah Bonnette
Click link below to read the full article

Study at AAW:
Call for availability of class times .
 985.789.6889 or go to Contact Page here.


A New Feature
This space will contain
 our new feature called the 'Fly on the Wall" Productions.
So, here is FOTW #1  and 2
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Eavesdropping In the Studio
A beginning student works with artist/instructor, Lyn Taylor, of Abbey Art Works. Learning to retain da Vinci's "Indeterminate".
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Eavesdropping in the Studio #2
A beginning student works with artist/instructor, Lyn Taylor, of Abbey Art Works.

 Look for notice of an encore of this successful event in the future.


Detail of Portrait of Abbot Justin Brown, OSB,
 by Lyn Hill Taylor, 
Abbey Art Works Instructor, 2013

Plein Air Work at Jane's Farm

Seminarian Class
From St Joseph Seminary College

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