Our Students Speak For themselves
Word of Mouth Is the Best
 Nothing Like Paining With Friends and Mother Nature
I can't wait.  I am ready to paint!  It was an incredible experience. I can't stop
thinking about the view and how wonderful it was to paint with everyone.

  First Plein Air Outing
I can't believe I actually painted something. It was so wonderful to see everyone and to spend time painting and talking, and drinking and eating, and dodging hummingbirds. The weather was exquisite. It couldn't have been more beautiful. Rainy is much better than sunny, I think. Could France be more beautiful? Mais non!

 What a Great group.
I am so enjoying my classes! What a great group. We present our work and are critiqued by Lyn and each other. It's really helpful!!
All topics related to art
Learning from such a great artist, in her own studio, has been one of the most rewarding, exciting experiences. This is really the highlite of my week. Lyn is so adept at creating an environment in which we can discuss any/all topics related to art. I find myself constantly trying to learn, read, paint more and more. I really consider this a great privilege to be able to be taught by such an accomplished artist. It is also great being around other students who can offer advice and helpful critiques.

  A Grand Learning Time
Art lessons with Lyn has become an important and fun part of my life and weekly experiences. I feel very honored that Lyn H.H.Taylor is sharing her years of study, knowledge, love and passion for art with me. Her relaxed and natural way with the class is comfortable and a grand learning experience. EPJ

 I've thoroughly enjoyed my classes!
I've thoroughly enjoyed my classes! The professionalism displayed by Lyn and her method for critiquing our work is very instructive and encouraging.I am proud to state that I am one of her students.

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