Beginning February 2016

Abbey Art works introduces fine art instruction which uniquely combines the traditional Atelier System with the results of decades of research in the study of painting, of professional practice, and scientific investigation  and experimentation.
The result is a teaching program that opens the world of painting to all, that proves its effectiveness with the most recent neuroscience, and shows how the contemplative nature of painting is simply good for the soul. 

The Atelier Method

chardin palette
Atelier programs teach a form of realism based upon careful observation of nature.

               Still-life, landscape, portraiture and illustrative work are  learned in a sensible, measured approach of systematic progression.

              Students must complete the task to the instructor's satisfaction before progressing to the next.

             The methods used by Atelier instructors may vary greatly from one studio to another; however, artists using this approach tend to be united in a desire to reintroduce classical methods and techniques into modern painting.

             One or more professional artist instructors maintain a studio on site. 

            Art History, Art Theory and Art Criticism are all part of the learning process. Students interested in learning about the world of art - but who only want to 'know', not to 'do'- are welcome as equal travelers!

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